The Singing Loft | Unveiling Our Acts: Germaine, Damon and Shanice
The Singing Loft is a boutique vocal institute and production studio in Singapore founded by Sherlyn Chia, a veteran teacher who has coached outstanding recording & performance artistes such as 李冰冰,陈嘉唯, ⺩传⼀, ⻩麒铭, BY2.
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Unveiling Our Acts: Germaine, Damon and Shanice

Unveiling Our Acts: Germaine, Damon and Shanice

Known for being regular faces at iconic local gig venues, Damon, Germaine and Shanice are no strangers to the local music scene.

For the very first time, they come together to do a set of Top 40’s music that they love for Loft’s very first showcase. We hear from the trio who tell us all about their musical experiences, love for the genre and how preparations have been for their performance.

When asked to describe the dynamics of working together, the trio describes a comfortable chemistry that they share, with their conversations constantly peppered with laughter whenever they come together.

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“I think we get along really well because our personalities are pretty similar-we are all easy-going and pretty bubbly as individuals so it’s easy for us to click and talk about various things apart from music. Damon is like the younger brother we both never had, and we just like doing music together, it’s fun!” explains Germaine.

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“Everyone is very easy to talk to, and I like that we all give each other room to voice our respective opinions. Because we are comfortable being very open with each other, we could begin leveraging on each other’s strengths and learning from each other. For example, Damon is really good with mash up ideas and so we tap into that a lot, and Germaine is an awesome performer that really knows how to engage her audience,” adds Shanice.

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Hoping to bring a smile to their audience’s faces with their music, Damien explains, “Everyone loves top 40s! It essentially is the music of our generation, and I think it can really get a crowd going and bring people together. I think for us the challenge is that Top 40’s music has been covered by various singers and bands, so we will need to bring to the table something fresh and original so that it will entertain and leave our audience with something to remember.”

To watch Germaine, Damon and Shanice’s (Set One) and more, get your tickets here:

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