The Singing Loft | Unveiling Our Acts: Gerald and Clara
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Unveiling Our Acts: Gerald and Clara

Unveiling Our Acts: Gerald and Clara

In this week’s edition of Unveiling Our Acts, we introduce to you the Indie-Folk duo of Loft, Unplugged. We sit down with Gerald and Clara to talk about their experience working together thus far and their genre of choice.

Q: Gerald and Clara, we hear that this collaboration for Unplugged is essentially the first time you are working together. So how has it been so far for the both of you?
Gerald: Yea, in fact coming together to practice for our set was the first time we met as well! I think it’s been good so far because we’ve found common ground through the time we’ve worked together. We have similar music tastes in that we like Indie-Folk music and the broader idea of striped down numbers and simple, heart felt tunes.

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 9.11.37 pm

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Q: How did you get started with preparing for your set?
Clara: it has been pretty fun for the both of us-when we come together to practice, we constantly try new things and bring new song ideas into our practice time to see if we could work. We started off by tossing around random songs, just so we could get a feel of each other’s musical preferences. Following which, we began a shortlisting process, with a focus on trying to make the set as diverse as possible. The rest was just about actually trying out the songs to see if it fit us well, then working more on individual songs to get it right.
Q: Folk-Indie music has piked the interest of many listeners recently, with names like Of Monsters and Men, Kings of Convenience amongst others who have become the faces of the genre. Tell us more about what Indie-Folk means to you and why it’s your genre of choice for your set.
Clara: Naturally, I think we would like to recreate what we often listen to, and which holds a special place in our hearts, or ears.
Gerald: i think it is a refreshing change from a lot of the music we are exposed to and also it’s for alternative music palettes. It’s something that, as we concur, we can unwind to and when we need a time of chill from the noise and everything else.
Clara: I think it’s our preferred genre because it is kind of music we want to do- music that is laid-back and natural, very much back to basics and very striped down. Indie-Folk songs remind us that the melody is enough to carry a song-you don’t need anything else.

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 8.51.04 pm

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Q: What do you enjoy about working together?
Clara: I think that there is a certain degree of similarity between us when it comes to treatment and interpretation of music material. For instance when I take an instrumentally complex song that I want to deconstruct, say Lana Del Rey or even an electronic track, my main concern would be that it will end up sounding tacky or overdone by others. But that never happens. I can always expect something that sounds fresh and original.
Gerald: For me, I really appreciate that Clara is someone who is serious about the music she makes and about wanting to get it right. We share the same expectancies about wanting to do good music. Also, she is very patient-even when I get perfectionistic about  getting the voicing support and chords correct for my guitar playing, she gets it and she is fine with taking a longer time just to make sure that we get the music right.

Q: What do you hope to bring to your audience on the 15th of August?

Clara: I really hope that they will either be exposed to something new, or hear something old from a new perspective.
Gerald:I hope that they’ll enjoy the set we’ve prepared, which will consist of some of our favorite Indie-Folk songs and also renditions of mainstream favorites that we’ve infused with an Indie-Folk twist!

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