The Singing Loft | Featured Students | Jeron Teo | Jewellery Designer | REZILIENZ
The Singing Loft is a boutique vocal institute and production studio in Singapore founded by Sherlyn Chia, a veteran teacher who has coached outstanding recording & performance artistes such as 李冰冰,陈嘉唯, ⺩传⼀, ⻩麒铭, BY2.
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JERON TEO | Jewellery Designer | REZILIENZ

“ I am a jewelry designer, local entrepreneur and owner of my own jewelry label, REZILIENZ. I started doing customized jewelry in 2006 and decided to make it my career in 2011.


I specialize in using Swarovski crystals and it has been an exciting ride-I showcased at Audi Fashion Week and had my first classic collection launch in July 2014. It’s also pretty surreal that I now collaborate closely with Swarovski and W Hotel and that celebrities like Belinda Lee and supermodels like Vivian Ong(Winner of Supermodelme Season 1) wear my creations. I’ve been really blessed in my career.


I named my jewellery line REZILIENZ because more than starting a line for fashion’s sake, I wanted to also make a statement and encourage others not to give up on their dreams in life but have the resilience to work for their dreams – essentially how my jewellery line came to be when I decided to take a plunge and work for what I really wanted to do and not take the easy way out by walking away and giving up.


Singing has always been one of my biggest passions since I was a kid – I always loved to sing and always wanted to sing and sing better. Although ‘very busy’ is an understatement given the nature of my work and how I constantly need to seek out new ways to expand my jewellery line, I make time for singing lessons because I see value in it – singing helps me express myself and relieve the stress that I face.  I’ve been taking lessons at The Singing Loft for about 3 months and my coach has made lessons very effective and enjoyable for me. As my coach shows understanding with regards to how my voice works, I find that I’m given me specific direction, instruction and constructive feedback that alerts me to what I need to strengthen and enhance. I’m seeing myself progress and I’m really glad. I now find myself with more stamina to sing more and I feel that all the time spent working hard on my singing has been worth it.


In the past when I had singing lessons at other schools, I often gave up halfway because of obstacles and challenges but here at The Singing Loft, I’ve found a place where I feel encouraged every time I come for lessons. I really like the atmosphere of school –  it being very welcoming, and how teachers give a personal touch to each lesson. The Singing Loft’s different teachers are able to cater to the various needs of the students that come and I think that is a great thing.”