The Singing Loft | Featured Students | Carmen Ang | Singer & Local Artiste
The Singing Loft is a boutique vocal institute and production studio in Singapore founded by Sherlyn Chia, a veteran teacher who has coached outstanding recording & performance artistes such as 李冰冰,陈嘉唯, ⺩传⼀, ⻩麒铭, BY2.
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“I still remember that I sang my first song, Bad Boy by A*Mei, when I was four! We had this karaoke machine at home, and I kept going at it every single day, song after song, sometimes for hours at a go. Since then, I’ve been singing.” she quips with a laugh.


A familiar face in the local music scene, you would probably recognize Carmen from her YouTube videos that have garnered over 29,900 views since she started a year ago, as winner of inaugural nationwide singing competition, Stardust and finalist of #CornettoREDTour Ride To Fame where she competed to open for Taylor Swift’s concert in Singapore. Beyond her performance accolades, Carmen has also lent her voice to TV and movie soundtracks, including theme song 《在一起!》for Channel 8’s drama series, Yes We Can,《我们一定行!》, background vocals for hit local movie, That Girl In Pinafore, and just wrapped up recording for a children’s album.


“I first started learning singing with Sherlyn for about 5 years now, and we started off with the very basics to build a good foundation – like vocal warm ups and how to take care of the voice because as singers we tend to lose our voices easily if we fail to take proper care of ourselves. Lessons developed the core skills that I needed for my music and performances, especially the mastery of techniques like dynamics and my ability to interpret a song. They definitely helped me a lot as I embarked on my singing career.


Sherlyn has been such a wonderful coach and mentor to me. As my coach, she has been excellent at imparting to me the skills I need as a vocalist and performer and I say that she is my mentor too because I can ask for her advice on anything and I know that she really cares about my well-being. There was once I was very troubled about where my (singing) career was heading and Sherlyn really put things into perspective by reminding me to focus on why singing makes me happy and to not let the other things -the fame, the limelight…override that main reason. She always reminds me of how much I love music. That really keeps me grounded when I meet with challenges in my musical pursuits.”


“When The Singing Loft started, I was really excited for Sherlyn because I knew that it would be a place that would really help a lot of people. Nowadays there are few places that focus on vocal teaching and honing a person’s understanding of singing; so many places are more involved grooming artistes and not the passion. I’m glad I can say that the atmosphere at The Loft has been the same from the very beginning and that’s something I love most about coming for classes and being there. The moment you step in, there’s no pressure at all to be something else that you are not, there’s an acceptance of individuality and I love that.”