The Singing Loft | Studio Recording and Music Production
The Singing Loft is fully furnished with advanced equipment (studio-quality sound booth, condenser mics, softwares) for your music production needs.
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Music Production & Studio Recording at The Singing Loft
Music Production and Recording Studio at The Singing Loft

Because good music begins with good production, we take great pride in the music production and studio recording work we do.


Music production just got more exciting with the completion of our Audio Recording and Music Production Studio in February this year. Fully furnished with state-of-the-art equipment including a studio-quality sound booth, various condenser microphones and software like Logic and audio Plug Ins, we have been able to expand our music production and recording services to esteemed partners such as Toy Factory Productions for their hit musical, Innamorati《唯一》.


Our newly expanded capabilities have also allowed for a comprehensive recording component in our lesson curriculum. Students take to the studio where they record full-length tracks of the songs they have learnt in class. In these sessions, they gain understanding of the recording process, learn how to interpret recording cues and adapt their sound as directed by a producer.


They are also put through the rigour of recording in a professional setting-an exercise that develops a greater understanding of their personal vocal potential and a heightened sense of musicality-traits of multi-faceted and versatile vocalists.


Since The Singing Loft started, we have completed over 80 audio projects including audio production and recording of Red Nose’s theme song, Facing The Sunshine, and jingles Eat Well and Give Me More in conjunction with McDonald’s healthy eating campaign for kids.

For more information on our song composition, audio recording and music production services, get in touch with us