The Singing Loft | Keyboard Classes
Take keyboard lessons with The Singing Loft - master the fundamentals, progress toward improvisation and eventually, deliver a seamless performance.
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If you’ve always wanted to be a proficient keyboard player, this keyboard course will help you master the fundamentals, progress toward improvisation and eventually, deliver a seamless performance!


The keyboard is one of the most versatile and useful instruments around.


Many singers use the keyboard as an accompaniment for live performances and brush up on their vocal techniques through the playing of scales.


Under the guidance of our experienced instructors*, lessons are catered to anyone and everyone with an interest to learn, regardless of your level of experience.


*All Our Instructors are certified with a minimum of an Associated Board of the Royal School of Music (ABRSM) Diploma in Piano and with a minimum of 6 years of performing and teaching experience. 

  • KEYBOARD 1.0: Lessons for beginners

  • SGD$120for 4 weekly lessons
  • Always wanted to be able to play your favorite songs on the keyboard and learn the fundamentals of this versatile instrument? In this course, you will be taken through essentials of keyboard playing that includes:


    • Left and Right Hand Coordination and Fingering
    • Basic Scales, Chord Structures and Progressions
    • Understanding Rhythm and Rhythm Patterns
    and more!

  • KEYBOARD 2.0: For Intermediate Players

  • SGD$140for 4 weekly lessons
  • Already know how to play the keyboard but want to brush up on your skills and go further in your mastery of the instrument?

    You will learn in this Intermediate course:


    • The Art of Dynamics, Sound and Fill-Ins
    • Improvising with Scales, Arpeggios and Popular Chord Structures
    • How To Build Aural Awareness To Play By Ear
    and more!