The Singing Loft | Guitar Classes
Weekly beginner and intermediate guitar lessons with guitar maestro, Jessel Yam, available at The Singing Loft for music enthusiasts. Find out more.
guitar lessons, learn guitar
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The Singing Loft, in collaboration with guitar maestro, Jessel Yam, introduces all-new guitar courses that will cater to music enthusiasts of all levels of proficiencies. If you’ve always wanted to strum to your favorite songs, improve your musicality as a singer or advance your guitar techniques, these courses are for you!

  • Guitar 1.0: Lessons For Beginners

  • $0/mo
  • Never played a guitar before but always wanted to learn how? Through weekly lessons, you gain mastery of guitar fundamentals such as:


    • Basic chords, and strumming patterns
    • Playing simple hit songs
    • Understanding chord structure
    and more!

  • Guitar 2.0: Lessons For Intermediate Players

  • $0/mo
  • Have experience playing the guitar but always wanted to know more than basic guitar chords and strumming patterns?


    • Understanding and Playing Barre Chords
    • A wider range of Strumming and Plucking patterns
    • How to read guitar charts
    and more!