The Singing Loft | Jessel Yem | Guitar Instructor
The Singing Loft is a boutique vocal institute and production studio in Singapore founded by Sherlyn Chia, a veteran teacher who has coached outstanding recording & performance artistes such as 李冰冰,陈嘉唯, ⺩传⼀, ⻩麒铭, BY2.
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Jessel Yam

Guitar Instructor

Since his completion of Film, Sound and Video studies, Jessel has gone on to become an accomplished musical director and guitarist. His many years of industry experience has made him adept in identifying a good tone, sound and rhythm and with determining exactly how it can be achieved.


Beyond guitar coaching, Jessel has collaborated with local production companies, including Awakening Productions, charitable organizations and recording artistes including Eric Moo.


A dexterous guitarist who emphasizes attention to detail, Jessel believes that outstanding guitarists are groomed through their committed practise of the right techniques.


His dedication is motivated by his love of music and by watching his students grow in musicality and confidence despite them starting off with no musical background.