The Singing Loft | Vocal Lessons - Singing with a Difference
The Singing Loft believes in imparting exemplary vocal techniques to every student through customised singing lessons and audio recording sessions.
Vocal lessons, vocal techniques, singing lessons, audio recording
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At The Singing Loft, we believe that the heart of vocal coaching lies in imparting exemplary vocal techniques.

Adopting the Somatic Voicework™ pedagogy, singing lessons are personalized for each and every student that comes through our doors. We understand that every voice is unique and there is no “one-size-fits-all” training method.

We hold firm to the belief that you can sing with a difference.

The Singing Loft wants to empower individuals to pursue their music aspirations by honing the creative potential in them. While staying true to the fundamentals of musical excellence, we seek to constantly stretch the boundaries of music and expression.

Beyond teaching, we use our voices to contribute to the society and community.

Since the beginning, The Singing Loft has been actively involved in community projects. This includes workshops for youths at risk, sponsorships for the underprivileged and music productions for Persons with Special Needs.

Staying true to our beliefs has stood us in good stead, allowing us to achieve milestones that we are thankful for.

From training popular artistes and media personalities to training major tertiary institutions (SMU, NTU, NUS) and working with our esteemed corporate clients (McDonalds, Keppel Corporation, Music and Movement, Toy Factory Productions), we are grateful for the opportunities to create good music and form meaningful partnerships.