The Singing Loft | Unveiling Our Acts: Hiroshi and Vanessa
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Unveiling Our Acts: Hiroshi and Vanessa

Unveiling Our Acts: Hiroshi and Vanessa

We catch up this week with duo Hiroshi and Vanessa who share with us about their experiences since they first came together to make music in March, their hopes for the future and more about their set at Loft Unplugged.

Hi guys! So we know that you first started making music together in March- tell us a little more about what you’ve been up to since then and how the journey been like. 

Vanessa: We’ve been doing demos of our original compositions and I would say it’s been a period of exploration for the both of us, discovering our dynamic as a duo and also what our individual strengths are- Hiroshi’s strengths are definitely in music production and coming up with melodies, while for me, my strengths lie in writing lyrics. It’s been good, we complement each other.

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How have things changed since you guys started doing music as a  duo? What are some of the new things you have explored with regards to your music? 

Hiroshi: We used to go for our respective individual singing lessons but now we take singing lessons together to develop our sound and repertoire as a duo. During our lessons, we sing duets and learn how to sing in parts.  In the past, I sang harmony lines  but now I have to learn.  Also, singing in a duo is a new experience for me-my personal gig experience always revolved around playing in a band setting either as a guitarist or as a singer with the backing of a band.

Vanessa: Acoustic sets have always been more of my kind of thing so I’m definitely happy we are doing an acoustic set for Loft Unplugged!

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What kind of music you hope to make as a duo?

Vanessa: I think we are very much inspired by the type of music we both like. For Hiroshi, he’s very inspired by Funk and EDM genres and bands like Fall Out Boy and Coldplay. He’s much about bringing the band influence into EDM-style music.

For me, I listen to more underground artistes…I find some of my favorite songs from movie soundtracks and I love Lana Del Rey so there’s definitely a sense of mystery that I want to bring to my music and to those who listen to my music.

Hiroshi: We are both very different so we are still exploring to find how we can blend both of our musical styles and aspirations to create something fresh and new.

What do you think are some of the factors that make your duo unique amid the rush of new acts entering the music scene ? 

Hiroshi; I think there are few guy-girl duos around, and doing music as a duo is relatively new concept in Singapore, especially when we are not the conventional rock band duo or wedding singer duo.

Vanessa: I agree with Hiroshi. I think that there aren’t many girl-guy duos in the regional scene that do radio-friendly, Top 40’s-esque original songs. Ultimately,  we hope to do music that will gain mainstream acceptance.

After working together for about half a year, tell us your thoughts on each other. 

Vanessa: I think he’s weird. But I’m weird too!

His mind moves so fast and he’s a very technical person; when we are trying to put an original composition together, he knows all the musical and production jargon and is quick to identify when chord progressions aren’t in the same family of chords.

Hiroshi: I think Vanessa that is full of ideas and who likes to explore new trends and fads. Like if Nikki Minaj releases a new single that has a new Hip Hop beat she will wanna incorporate it into a song we do at our next practice.

 Tell us why you look forward to Loft Unplugged. 

Hiroshi: For acoustic sets, or basically any live performances, it’s always about engaging the audience. I used to overlook it last time but realized how important it was when I got scolded once after my gig because i didn’t banter. So I definitely look forward to interacting with our audience and bringing to them a good time with our music.

Vanessa: I think our set’s going to be fun because it’ll be stuff that they can sing along to and songs that they’ll probably like. And we will be sharing some of our original music. The songs we will be performing will be upbeat and fun so they can look forward to a good time!

To watch Hiroshi and Vanessa’s (Set Four) and more, get your tickets here:

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